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Truck driving job with LMIA in Canada

Are you an experienced truck driver looking for new opportunities? We have openings for various positions including long haul, garbage driver, rear loader, and more! Plus, our company is willing to support LMIA for skilled drivers.

Are you ready to hit the road and deliver goods safely and efficiently? As a truck driver, you play a crucial role in transporting goods and materials across various locations. Here’s a detailed description of what the job entails:

Responsibilities of a truck driver

  1. Transportation: Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks to transport goods and materials to designated locations. Ensure timely and safe delivery of cargo while adhering to traffic laws and regulations.
  2. Loading and Unloading: Load and unload goods from the truck using proper equipment and techniques. Ensure that cargo is secured properly to prevent damage during transit.
  3. Maintenance: Perform preventive maintenance on the truck to ensure it is in optimal condition for travel. This includes regular inspections, checking fluid levels, and performing minor repairs when necessary.
  4. Documentation: Keep accurate records of cargo information, hours of service, distance traveled, fuel consumption, and any incidents or accidents encountered during the journey. Complete required documentation such as pre-trip, enroute, and post-trip inspection reports.
  5. Safety and Compliance: Adhere to all safety protocols and regulations, including the transportation and handling of dangerous goods. Obtain special permits and documents required for transporting cargo on international routes.
  6. Communication: Maintain effective communication with central dispatch to receive and relay important information regarding routes, schedules, and any issues encountered during travel.
  7. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service by ensuring timely delivery of goods and addressing any concerns or inquiries from clients or recipients.

Education: Secondary (high) school graduation certificate

Experience: Verifiable 1 year

Security and Safety: Bondable

Work Capabilities:

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Overtime required
  • Physically demanding


  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Organized
  • Reliability
  • Judgement
  • Team player
  • Excellent oral communication

Communication Systems Experience:

  • Operate GPS (Global Positioning System) and other navigation equipment

Documentation Knowledge required of a truck driver

  • Inspection report (pre-trip, en-route, post-trip)
  • Driver logbook
  • Accident or incident reports
  • Trip reports
  • Maintenance and repair reports

Specific Skills:

  • Load and unload goods
  • Drive lighter, special purpose trucks
  • Perform preventive maintenance
  • Operate and drive straight or articulated trucks to transport goods and materials
  • Perform brake adjustments
  • Pay and receive payments for goods
  • Transport and handle dangerous goods
  • Record cargo information, hours of service, distance traveled, and fuel consumption
  • Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on international routes
  • Perform pre-trip, en route, and post-trip inspections
  • Oversee all aspects of vehicle condition
  • Inspect tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment
  • Receive and relay information to central dispatch
  • Tarping and ensuring safety and security of cargo

How to apply

If you have the necessary qualifications and are interested in joining our team, reliable, organized, and a safety-conscious individual with a passion for driving, this opportunity is for you, click Here to apply now to join a team of skilled truck drivers and embark on an exciting career in transportation.

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