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30 FUN & Attention-grabbing Information About Peru


On the lookout for some enjoyable info about Peru? Then you definately’ve come to the best place, as we share some enjoyable Peru info everybody will love. We’ve fallen in love with the nation, and after our first journey to Peru, we’ve been itching to return.

After planning our subsequent journey to the South American nation, we determined to share a few of our favourite fascinating info about Peru!

Attention-grabbing and Enjoyable Information About Peru

1.) Peru grew to become a Spanish colony in 1572.

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To be exact, this South American nation was referred to as the Viceroyalty of Peru. It was one of many extra profitable colonies, with gold, potatoes, and different goodies there for the taking; it additionally allowed for commerce with Spain’s different colony – the Philippines.

2.) The Spanish conquered the as soon as highly effective Inca Empire.

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Beginning to acquire a foothold within the area within the thirteenth century, the Inca grew an enormous empire (referred to as Tawantinsuyu) that stretched from modern-day southwest Colombia to south-central Chile.

The unification wasn’t all bloodshed: it was a mixture of conquest and peaceable assimilation. That they had an official language (Quechua), complete legal guidelines, distinctive, nearly inaccessible cities, and an emperor – or Sapa Inca. The capital was Cusco.

3.) Lake Titicaca isn’t the best lake on this planet…

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… However it is tremendous well-known, and a kind of enjoyable Peru info it’s possible you’ll not have recognized is that it’s the most important in South America. Lake Titicaca is a deep lake set excessive within the Andes at 12,507 toes above sea degree, straddling the border between Peru and Bolivia. In 2000, an underwater temple was found, estimated to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years outdated. It was constructed, they suppose, by the pre-Inca Tiwanaku folks.

4.) Peru is a megadiverse nation.

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That’s as a result of there’s a complete load of various areas – and a plethora of different species that inhabit and reside in these areas. Elements of those embody the Andes, the Pacific Coast, the tropical rainforest of the Amazon, and the Amazon River itself. It’s one of many 17 most megadiverse international locations, dwelling to a large portion of all species on Earth.

5.) Peru grew to become unbiased in 1821

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On July 28, 1821, Peru was declared unbiased when independence chief José de San Martín captured Lima and made the declaration himself. However it wasn’t as straightforward as that.

Starting round 1811 and ending in 1826, the Peruvian Warfare of Independence concerned battleships, marches by way of the Andes, insurgent armies, and plenty of combating. Because of Simon Bolivar, Bolivia (then a part of Peru) didn’t get independence till three years later.

6.) 4 % of the world’s freshwater is in Peru.

Four percent of the world's freshwater is in Peru.

Not solely is there the Amazon, however there are plenty of different rivers apart from. A great deal of them start their programs within the Andes and empty into the Pacific Ocean. Then there are mountain lakes… The outcome? A variety of freshwaters.

7.) The supply of the Amazon River is definitely in Peru.

The source of the Amazon River is actually in Peru.

A type of little-known enjoyable info about Peru is that it’s dwelling to the place the mighty Amazon River begins making its manner throughout South America.

It doesn’t simply spring up out of nowhere; it’s truly 4 rivers that end in what turns into the Amazon. These are the Apurímac, the Marañón, and the Mantaro. In truth, the Amazon in Peru is known as Marañón.

8.) 13 % of the Amazon Rainforest is present in Peru.

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That is certainly one of my favourite info about Peru!

The Amazon is the most important rainforest on this planet. It’s huge and historical – we’re speaking about 55 million years outdated! And fairly a big a part of that rainforest (13%) is discovered inside Peru’s borders. Biodiversity ranges are excessive. That is a kind of fascinating Peru info I really like sharing at any time when doable!

9.) A big portion of the Andes lies in Peru.

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The Andes is the longest mountain vary on this planet. It stretches by way of seven international locations in South America. The Central Andes is positioned in Peru. Although they’re mountains, round 32% of Peru’s inhabitants lives on this space.

10.) Peruvians communicate Spanish and an entire lot of different languages.

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Although many individuals in city areas will in all probability solely communicate Spanish, head out into the countryside (or these mountainous areas we simply talked about), and also you’ll discover a multilingual nation. Quechua – one other official language of the nation – is spoken quite a bit, as are different languages like Aymara. As per the structure, Amazon languages and even Peruvian Signal Language are official, too!

11.) Although formally Catholic, many Amerindian traditions proceed

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Attention-grabbing info about Peru: although it was conquered and cathedrals have been constructed on prime of Inca spiritual websites, and all kinds of different oppression, many indigenous and pagan rituals are combined with Catholicism.

Corpus Christi, Holy Week, Christmas – all of those are mixed with the Amerindian folks’s spiritual traditions. The extensively celebrated Inti Raymi celebrated the solar god on the summer time solstice.

12.) Machu Picchu was truly a non-public property for the Inca emperor.

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Top-of-the-line Peru info!

One of many loopy enjoyable Peru info that may impress your pals! It’s usually seen as a “Misplaced Metropolis,” however, a enjoyable truth about Peru’s most visited historic website – Machu Picchu – is that it was constructed as a summer time retreat for the Inca emperor. You possibly can see why. Set on a 7,970ft mountain ridge within the south of Peru, this Fifteenth-century surprise takes “Cribs” to an entire new degree.

It’s thought 750 folks would have lived there, a lot of who would have been workers. When the Spanish invaded, they needed to abandon this lifetime of luxurious, and it remained unknown to the Western world till 1911.

13.) Salt farming continues to be practiced the identical manner because the Incas.

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What occurs is subterranean salty water is set free right into a patchwork of swimming pools, the place it then evaporates, leaving the salt behind. It’s a exceptional sight, like a yellow model of rice paddies, in a manner. Every household has its personal pool!

14. Peru modified its foreign money twice within the Eighties and ‘90s.

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This is likely one of the finest monetary Peru enjoyable info now… The South American nation had used the Sol, however as a result of loopy inflation, this was changed with the Inti in 1985. This didn’t precisely clear up issues; in 1990, the Inti then suffered excessive inflation.

They even launched the Inti Million – certainly one of which equaled a million Inti. That didn’t work. So the Nuevo Sol got here again into being in 1991 (one Nuevo Sol = 1 billion outdated Sols). Immediately it has one of many lowest inflation charges in South America.

15.) Historical Peruvians used to speak with knots.

Ancient Peruvians used to talk with knots.

Nicely, not “speak” precisely, however do an entire lot of issues simply by tying knots. You’re in all probability questioning what this random enjoyable info about Peru even refers to. And that’s an historical system of color-coded knot-tying referred to as quipu.

It was used for almost all the things, from tax obligation and navy group to recording census information, and as a form of calendar. When the Spanish arrived, so did writing, so the quipu step by step fell out of use.

16.) Ceviche originated in Peru.

 Ceviche originated in Peru.

You might have tried ceviche, however do you know it originated from Peru? As a ceviche lover, that is certainly one of my favourite Peru info!

A mixture of flippantly “cooked” (i.e., cured with lime or lemon) in any other case uncooked fish combined with onions, cilantro, salt, chili peppers, and capsicum, ceviche is believed to have originated round 2,000 years in the past within the pre-Inca coastal civilization of Moche. Immediately, it’s thought-about a nationwide dish of the nation.

17.) Peru boasts over 3,000 types of potato.

Peru boasts over 3,000 varieties of potato.

You may need just a few of those in your supermarkets at dwelling, however wow, Peru positively takes first place.

Over 3,000 varieties are present in Peru alone, so followers of the potato rejoice – that is the place for you. The potato was first grown domestically from round 8000 to 5000 BC. Immediately, they’re nonetheless primarily farmed utilizing outdated strategies.

18.) Peru is dwelling to the oldest repeatedly working college within the Americas.

Peru is home to the oldest continuously working university in the Americas

Established in 1551 in Lima, the capital metropolis, the Nationwide College of San Marcos is definitely one of many oldest universities within the “New World.” The college was based by the royal decree and immediately is a middle of scientific analysis and a base for influential thinkers and future world geniuses.

19.) Lima is the third-biggest metropolis within the Americas.

 Lima is the third-biggest city in the Americas.

Yeah, it’s not a small metropolis in any respect. It’s the third-biggest in all the Americas, following Sao Paulo and the megalopolis of Mexico Metropolis. Lima was based in 1535 in an already-existing Incan agricultural area, however many of the metropolis was destroyed by a 1940 earthquake; a lot needed to be rebuilt. And rebuilt it was; immediately, Lima’s city space covers greater than 800 sq. kilometers.

20.) There’s plenty of corn in Peru.

There’s a lot of corn in Peru

It’s not simply the yellow form that and love. There’s pink, black, purple, white, and orange – a multicolored spectrum of corn. That is certainly one of our favourite meals info about Peru as a result of it makes for such a reasonably sight!

21.) Peru is dwelling to the Nazca Strains.

 Peru is home to the Nazca Lines.

These large drawings – in any other case often known as geoglyphs – within the Nazca Desert are thought to have been created between 500 BC and 500 AD. They depict animals, patterns, and people, all with various complexity.

When first “found” in 1553, they have been regarded as roads. All kinds of theories abound – historical astronauts, early scorching air balloons – however the truth you’ll be able to see them from the encompassing hills makes these concepts appear type of foolish.

22. Peruvians eat guinea pigs.

 Peruvians eat guinea pigs.

Whereas guinea pigs are cute pets for a lot of the western world, they’re an incredible snack in Peru. They could not look all that interesting, however guinea pig is a ubiquitous dish. Known as cuy, these critters didn’t turn out to be pets till the Spanish introduced them dwelling for everybody to fall in love with. They’re nonetheless very a lot a conventional (fairly crispy) dish in Peru.

23. Panpipes aren’t from Peru, however the siku is from the nation.

Panpipes aren’t from Peru, but the siku is from the country.

Panpipes, or syrinx, check with those that the half-deer half-human Roman god Pan used to play. All kinds of merry-making people within the historical world have been depicted taking part in them. In truth, in Peru, notably across the Titicaca area, panpipes are additionally well-liked, however they originated independently and are referred to as siku.

24. Historical Peruvians used to surf.

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Sure, you’ll have thought that browsing originated in Hawaii, however some of the enjoyable Peru info is that its historical inhabitants used to hit the waves. We’re speaking pre-Inca right here, in order that’s earlier than 1000 AD.

Even pottery depicts a person browsing on what seems to be like a log. Proof suggests there was contact between historical Polynesians and Peruvians. Peru continues to be an incredible surf spot, with enormous level breaks and worldwide competitions.

25. Folks reside on Lake Titicaca on floating islands manufactured from grass.

People live on Lake Titicaca on floating islands made of grass.

One of the vital fascinating info about Peru: the folks dwelling on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca have been a characteristic of the world because the Incas.

The Uru folks harvest grass and use it in bundles for his or her islands. They’re defensive since you’ll be able to paddle out to the center of the lake! One of many islands nonetheless has a watchtower on it.

26.) One of many deepest canyons on this planet is in Peru.

One of the deepest canyons in the world is in Peru

Greater than twice as deep because the Grand Canyon, Cotahuasi Canyon is loopy. It’s over 11,000 ft deep! Colca Canyon, additionally in Peru, can also be one of many deepest on this planet at 10,730 ft.

27.) The very best sand dune on this planet is in Peru.

The highest sand dune in the world is in Peru

Within the Sechura Desert, you’ll discover Cerro Blanco – the best dune on this planet at 3,680 toes tall. That will not appear that top, but it surely’s loftier than the tallest peak in the UK! Not dangerous for a dune.

It’s located near the desert city of Huacachina and has turn out to be a preferred spot for sandboarding. It takes about three scorching hours to get to the highest, however getting down is way faster.

An ancient alcoholic beverage is still a popular drink in Peru

Chicha is constituted of various things throughout South America, but it surely’s constituted of corn in Peru. Chicha has historical roots; corn was thought-about sacred; thus, an alcoholic drink constituted of corn was much more so. The preferred corn sort is the purple-hued selection, which grows in abundance within the Andes. Gross sales of Chicha in Peru (as a comfortable drink) rival Coca-Cola.

29. There’s a rainbow mountain in Peru.

There’s a rainbow mountain in Peru

All Instagrammers love Peru info like this one. We child you not – Vinicunca is a mountain that’s striped with a load of various colours. That is a kind of fairly cool Peru info. It’s fairly superior. The title means “Seven Colour Mountain,” which is sensible.

30.) Peru is dwelling to essentially the most historical metropolis in all of the Americas.

peru is home to the most ancient city in all of the Americas.

Ending this listing of Peru info is certainly one of my favorites! Older than the Maya, the Aztec, Inca, Tiwanaku, or every other historical peoples, the Norte Chico tradition is understood for some really historical ruins – Caral. This elaborate complicated is unfold over 370 acres and has all the things you’d need in a metropolis – plazas, buildings, streets, temples, and an amphitheater.

It was a busy metropolis of three,000 folks inhabited across the similar time because the Nice Pyramids in Egypt, 2600-2000 BC (roughly). It’s regarded as the idea of Andean civilization.

When is the Finest Season to Journey to Peru?

Machu Picchu
Excessive season (Could-September)

You might be shocked to listen to that winter in Peru is the perfect time to journey there. Between Could and September is the driest time to go to Peru, it’s a bit chilly, but it surely’s definitely higher than rain!

Shoulder Season (April and October, November)

Tourism is decrease throughout this time, and temperatures are gentle and just a little unpredictable. Nonetheless, it’s not going to be raining on a regular basis!

Low Season (December to March)

That is the Peruvian Summer time, and whilst you might just like the sound of hotter climate, Peru experiences heavy rainfall throughout these months.

When is the Finest Time to Journey to Peru?

As talked about, the finest time to journey to Peru is in the course of the winter. Throughout this time, the air is dryest, and you’ve got much less probability of rain. We traveled to Peru in June and had a improbable time. Simply observe that it’s winter, so that you’ll need to deliver a packable down jacket and different heat gear.

When is the Finest Time to Go to Machu Picchu?

The Andes have two very distinct seasons – moist and dry. December to March is the moist season, and regardless of getting rained on a bit, it’s nonetheless a improbable time to journey to Machu Picchu. Carry a packable rain jacket.

To keep away from the rain, you need to go to Machu Picchu in the course of the dry season (Could-November). We visited Machu Picchu in June and have been met with improbable climate, nice for climbing!

When is the Finest Time to Hike the Inca Path?

The Inca Path is sweet to go in the course of the dry and moist seasons, though it closes in the course of the heaviest rainfall in February. When you can, I’d advocate climbing the Inca Path within the dry season!

When is the Least expensive Time to go to Peru?

Peru is a reasonably inexpensive nation to journey by way of, and costs don’t change drastically relying on the season. Nevertheless, you need to journey in the course of the offseason for extra of a deal. Nevertheless, many institutions could also be shut down. Though you’ll save a buck, you’ll sacrifice it for unpredictable climate.

When is the Finest Time to Go to the Amazon in Peru?

Hoka One Ones

The Peruvian Amazon has the identical local weather as most tropical rainforests. Temperatures common round 25 °C year-round, and humidity is all the time excessive.

June to October is the dry season and is the perfect time to go to the Peruvian rainforest for trekking. If you wish to cruise down the Amazon, the perfect time to go to is definitely the moist season because the rains trigger the river to swell.


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