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POTD: Below Stress! – The Notorious Winchester Mannequin 1893


POTD: Under Pressure! – The Infamous Winchester Model 1893

Welcome to in the present day’s Picture of the Day! Right here now we have a gun that stands in infamy. The Winchester Mannequin 1893 was an early pump-action shotgun designed by John Browning. But it surely gained infamy for issues of safety that led to a serious recall. The Mannequin 1893 happened through the transition from black powder to smokeless powder ammunition. Smokeless hundreds may doubtlessly trigger catastrophic failures in weapons designed for lower-pressure black powder. Nevertheless, the Mannequin 1893 additionally suffered structural points main to hold fires and explosions. Its issues highlighted rising pains with new smokeless powders and manufacturing methods. After the recall, an improved model, the Mannequin 1897, grew to become vastly standard. However the flawed Mannequin 1893 stays a cautionary story of an modern gun forward of its time – each in advantages and dangers.

“Manufactured in 1894 with the two-line tackle/patent markings and “12” gauge mark on prime of the barrel and “WINCHESTER/MODEL 1893″ on the slide arm. Single bead sight, 2 5/8 inch chamber, and choke measuring at modified. Mounted with a 17-groove forearm and pistol grip inventory with a easy shotgun buttplate and 13 inch size of pull.”

Winchester Model 1893

Lot 1297: Distinctive Vintage Winchester Mannequin 1893 Slide Motion Shotgun – Distinctive Winchester Mannequin 1893 Slide Motion Shotgun. (n.d.-i). Rock Island Public sale Firm. {photograph}. Retrieved August 28, 2023, from

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