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18 Nepali Dishes You Must Attempt


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three circular metal plates on a table with crescent shaped steamed dumplings or momos laid out in a circle on each plate around a small pile of greens. What to eat in Nepal.

Welcome to my bumper Nepal meals information! These are a few of the most well-known Nepali dishes it’s important to strive when you’re there…

For me, meals and journey go hand in hand. There’s actually no higher option to uncover a vacation spot’s tradition than by way of its meals.

In the event you really feel the identical, you’ll need to be sure to eat as most of the prime Nepali dishes as potential throughout your journey. Some, similar to the long-lasting dal bhat, you merely received’t be capable to miss – it’s all over the place! Others on this checklist could also be rather less apparent, so remember to look out for them.

Nepali delicacies is closely influenced by its neighbours: northern India on one aspect, and Tibet on the opposite. These international locations share many dishes, substances, and flavours – so you might recognise just a few. However Nepal usually places its personal distinctive spin on these dishes. So even if you happen to’ve tried one thing earlier than, be sure that to test it out in Nepal, too!

Try my overview on what to anticipate from meals in Nepal initially of this publish, then hold studying for the highest dishes you possibly can’t miss! I’ve additionally included desserts and drinks in a separate part on the finish of this publish.

So pack your luggage, convey your urge for food, and prepare to find the tradition of Nepal by way of its scrumptious delicacies. Bon urge for food!

Meals in Nepal: What to Anticipate

Nepali delicacies is a pleasant mixture of flavours, spices, and strategies influenced by its neighbouring international locations, India and Tibet.

The commonest substances in Nepali delicacies embrace rice, lentils, greens, and meat. Hen and buffalo are the commonest meats, however goat meat and mutton are additionally used. Spices similar to cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chilli are staples in nearly each dish.

close up of a bowl of yellow spic with a small sandcastle style stack of the spice on top at a market in kathmandu nepal
Spices on the market in Kathmandu

For instance, dal bhat – the nationwide dish of Nepal – is an easy but hearty meal predominantly consisting of lentils. Momos, the beloved Nepali dumplings, include a wide range of fillings and are sometimes served with spicy chutney.

Nepali delicacies is thought for its daring flavours and warming spices, so remember to discover as many of those dishes as you possibly can throughout your journey.

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11 Iconic Nepali Dishes You Need to Attempt

Make certain to pattern these must-try Nepali dishes throughout your journey…

1 – Dal Bhat

flat lay of a circular plate with two halves divided in a ying-yang shape. there is white rice in the lower half and a yellow-brown soup dal lentil in the top half with a metal spoon on the grey table next to the plate

Dal bhat comes prime of each checklist of Nepali dishes. The phrase dal applies to all types of lentils, pulses, and beans, whereas bhat is steamed rice. Dal bhat is a sort of lentil soup served with steamed rice.

This dish is the staple meals of Nepal and is broadly out there all through the nation – so remember to strive it.

Dal bhat varies relying on the area and the season. A whole lot of travellers complain about becoming bored of consuming dal bhat with each meal, however you’ll truly discover numerous selection.

The soup usually comes served as a thali (a platter of small dishes), with a wide range of sides similar to meat curry, vegetable tarkari, pickle, and chutneys. 

2 – Momos

Best momos in Kathmandu

Momos are my absolute favorite meals from Nepal! I ate them just about on daily basis whereas I used to be there, and by no means obtained bored. They’re a sort of dumpling, (much like Chinese language dim sum) that are native to Tibet, Nepal, and elements of Northern India similar to Rishikesh.

You’ll discover all types of momo fillings, though minced meat is the commonest. Particularly buffalo – which simply so occurs to be probably the most generally eaten meats in Nepal. 

There are additionally numerous vegetarian choices, together with cheese, greens, and potatoes. Like dim sum and gyozas, momos are available a number of completely different kinds: steamed, fried, and even served in a soup. The crispy-fried ones are my private favourites – I may eat these on daily basis!

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3 – Pulao / Pilau

Close up of a brown china bowl on a woven placemat filled with yellow rice pilaf with lamb meat, sliced carrots, and pieces of fresh green herb

Pulao, often known as pilau, is a rice dish that’s widespread in Nepal, particularly throughout festivals and celebrations. The rice is cooked with varied spices, greens, and meat to create a flavorful dish. Pulao is usually served with raita or yoghurt, which balances the flavours of the spices.

4 – Bara

Bara is a Nepali avenue meals. It’s basically a deep-fried lentil pancake, normally eaten as a snack. The dish is made utilizing black lentils, ginger, garlic, and spices, and is usually served with a aspect of chutney.

5 – Aalu Achar / Aloo Achari

Aalu Achar is a spicy and tangy potato salad that’s a preferred aspect dish in Nepal. The dish is made utilizing boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions, chilli, and lemon juice. It’s an important accompaniment to any meal and is usually featured on a thali.

flatlay of a silver thali plate with six small silver bowls and a piece of roti bread arranged in a circle around a mound of rice. The small bowls all contain different foods like curry, pickles, and leafy greens.
Vegetarian Nepali Thali with dal bhat (second from left), alau ahar (prime) and different sides.

6 – Gorkhali Lamb

Gorkhali Lamb is a conventional Nepali dish that’s made with tender lamb cooked in a thick gravy produced from onions, tomatoes, and spices. The dish is usually served with rice and is a good alternative for meat lovers.

7 – Samosas

close up of a large black frying pan filled with traingle pastry samosas frying

Samosas are a preferred snack in Nepal, similar to they’re in lots of different international locations. These triangular-shaped pastry snacks are normally crammed with spiced greens or meat and are served with a aspect of chutney.

8 – Pani Puri

close up of a wooden tray on a wooden table with several small crispy dough balls on the tray with open tops and choped veg inside them. there are two small wooden bowls on the tray containing thin sauces and a wooden spoon. Pani Puri is a popular street food in Nepal

Pani Puri is a avenue meals that’s a favorite amongst Nepali locals. It’s a crispy, hole pastry shell that’s crammed with spiced water, tamarind, chilli, and chickpeas. The mix of candy, bitter, and spicy flavours makes this snack an explosion of style in your mouth.

9 – Chatamari

Chatamari is a Nepali pizza made utilizing rice flour, which acts as a base for the toppings. The toppings are normally a mixture of minced meat, eggs, and greens, and the dish is usually served with a aspect of chutney.

10 – Dhindo & Dhindo Thali

Dhindo is a sticky, gray, porridge-like Nepali dish made utilizing millet or maize flour, which is boiled to create a dough-like consistency.

It’s usually served with soup or ghee to dip the dhindo into. It’s additionally typically served as a part of a thali (a platter of small dishes) with sides similar to pickles, chutneys, and yoghurt.

11 -Thukpa

close up of a small metal bowl on an engraved metal plate filled with noodles and soup with shredded carrot and other vegetables. What to eat in Nepal.

Thukpa, or thuppa, is a hearty noodle soup made utilizing greens, meat, and noodles. It originated in japanese Tibet, however can be frequent in Nepal, particularly amongst Sherpa communities.

This carb-heavy, warming dish is widespread throughout the harsh, high-altitude winters. The Nepali model is usually vegetarian, with chickpeas or beans added for protein, and tends to have a spicier flavour.

Nepali Dishes: 7 Desserts and Drinks

1 – Sel Roti

stack of sel roti, thin circles of doughy bread, the top one is being picked up by a chopstick

Sel roti is a well-liked Nepali snack much like a doughnut. The dish is made utilizing rice flour and is deep-fried to create a crispy exterior and gentle inside. Sel roti is usually eaten throughout festivals and celebrations and is a good way to indulge your candy tooth.

2 – Yomari

Yomari is a really particular meals in Nepal. A lot in order that it has its personal pageant: Yomari Punhi

The dessert is a steamed bun produced from rice flour dough. These buns are full of varied candy fillings, similar to chaku – a Nepali candy produced from hardened molasses, ghee, and dates or nuts. 

3 – Jeri / Jalebi

close up of a large black wok filled with hot bubbling oil and small crispy spirals of dough called jalebis with a large slotted spoon stirring them as they fry. Traditional Nepali desserts.

Jalebis is likely to be extra generally related to India, however they’re widespread throughout South Asia and the Center East. In Nepal, this candy avenue meals snack known as jeri, and is eaten everywhere in the nation. 

It’s a dessert manufactured from batter, which is deep-fried in a pretzel or spiral form and served lined in syrup. Scorching, greasy, and really candy… principally my preferrred meals! 

4 – Juju Dhau

Close up of Plain Curd in a clay pot with holding hands. Dahi or Yogurt in Kathmandu Nepal.

Roughly translated as “King Yoghurt” or “King Curd”, juju dhau is a creamy, thick yoghurt made utilizing buffalo milk. 

5 – Chai tea

Nepali chai tea, additionally known as chiya, is served everywhere in the nation. Chai actually simply means “tea” in Hindi. However most frequently the beverage is made with milk, sugar, and spices together with cardamom and cinnamon. Candy, warming, and completely scrumptious! 

flatlay of a white mug with light brown chai tea and a single star anise floating in it on a white marble table next to a piece of cinnamon. Traditional Nepali drinks.

6 – Everest Beer

There are a number of native beer firms in Nepal. Everest is likely one of the hottest and iconic, initially made to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary’s conquest of Mt. Everest. 

You can even strive Gorkha Beer and Nepal Ice when you’re in Nepal!

7 – Raksi 

Raksi is a conventional distilled alcoholic beverage in Nepal. It’s tremendous robust, clear, and slightly bit like Japanese sake.

Raksi is usually served at particular events like events, or on the finish of huge feasts. On these events, it’s poured from as excessive as potential, from a particular spouted pitcher. It’s nice enjoyable to observe – however the hangovers the subsequent day are much less enjoyable, so go sluggish!

Greatest Nepal Meals Excursions

If you wish to study extra about Nepali delicacies, or simply have some enjoyable and meet new individuals, why not take a meals tour or a cooking class? These are one among my favorite methods to journey slightly deeper, and delve into the tradition of a vacation spot.

Among the top-rated meals excursions in Kathmandu…

I hope you’ve discovered this information to the very best meals to strive in Nepal useful! Attempt to strive as many of those meals as potential in your journey.

Have I missed something? Scroll down to go away a remark together with your favorite Nepali dishes – or any suggestions you assume would assist fellow travellers!


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