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Curious Relics #070: In The Corridor with The Revolver


Curious Relics #070: In The Hall with The Revolver – H&R 733 Guardsman

Welcome, if you’re a newcomer to this enjoyable bi-weekly section of! In our earlier subject, we launched into a journey by means of the H&R Younger America revolver. This time, we start our exploration with a revolver that has quietly resided in my assortment for lower than a yr now. Be a part of me as we delve into the nuances and attract of the Harrington & Richardson 733 Guardsman, a traditional revolver that exudes a allure all its personal. Get a clue and let’s soar proper in!

…It’s within the film Clue (1985). Sorry, I couldn’t assist myself.

Harrington & Richardson Content material in Curious Relics:

Welcome to our recurring collection of “Curious Relics.” Right here, we need to share all of our experiences, data, misadventures, and fervour for older firearms that one would possibly categorize as a Curio & Relic  – any firearm that’s a minimum of 50 years previous in line with the ATF. Hopefully alongside the way in which you’ll be able to garner a higher appreciation for older firearms like we do, and concurrently you’ll be able to train us issues as effectively by means of sharing your personal experience and ideas within the Feedback. Understanding the firearms of previous, their significance, and their growth which result in lots of the arms we now cherish at present is extremely fascinating and we hope you take pleasure in what we’ve got to share, too!

Historical past Abridged: H&R 733 Guardsman

Within the late Nineteen Fifties, the Harrington & Richardson Arms Firm took it upon itself to supply what no different firm was on the time: an reasonably priced revolver with a stable body and swing-out cylinder in a centerfire caliber. This aligned with H&R’s popularity for making moderately priced high quality revolvers, however the brand new mannequin would incorporate options not typical amongst lower-cost handguns. Initially named the “Sidekick” in idea, the ultimate product launched because the Mannequin 732 Guardsman. The .22 caliber model was known as the Sidekick in H&R supplies.

The Mannequin 732 was chambered for .32 S&W and .32 S&W Lengthy ammo. It featured a six-shot capability and got here in 2.5-inch and 4-inch barrel lengths. The revolver had trendy sights for the time and a centrepin to launch the cylinder. H&R marketed the all-steel development with a richly completed “crown-lustre” blueing on metallic elements. Prospects considering a nickel end didn’t have to attend lengthy, as H&R rolled out the chrome-plated Mannequin 733 Guardsman in 1958 alongside the blued 732.

733 Guardsman

The earliest model of the Mannequin 733 sported a 2.5-inch barrel and distinctive brown “Cling-Quick” plastic grips. In 1967 the chrome end was changed with an “electroless” nickel plating, probably a cost-saving measure marketed as an improve. Round 1973, H&R added a switch bar security to the 732 and 733, bringing them in step with trendy revolver security requirements. When the Eighties arrived, a personalized wooden grip choice was made accessible for the primary time on the 733 Guardsman.

733 Guardsman

The unique brown “Tenite” “Cling-Quick” grips have been ultimately modified to black “Cycolac” two-piece grips. Early variations of the 4-inch barrel Mannequin 732 featured a key lock much like some Smith & Wesson revolvers, fairly superior for the time. The 4-inch barrel choice on the Guardsman was discontinued in 1981 as preferences shifted to shorter barrels. Regardless of not gaining adoption amongst police forces, the 733 Guardsman made a memorable look because the revolver used within the 1985 comedy thriller movie Clue, standing in for the traditional pepperbox pistol from the board recreation of the identical title.

733 Guardsman
Clue (1985) Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd) receives a 733 Guardsman in a field.

Picture courtesy of, uploaded by Smokey [CC BY-SA 3.0] (

The Mannequin 733 Guardsman was designed to be an reasonably priced, well-made revolver for private protection. The swing-out cylinder supplied quick reloading, and the switch bar security prevented unintentional discharge if the hammer was struck. The nickel end resisted corrosion and was simple to keep up.

733 Guardsman

Finish of Half One: H&R 733 Guardsman

The Harrington & Richardson manufacturing facility ceased manufacturing of all its firearms, together with the Guardsman, in 1986 when the corporate went out of enterprise and the manufacturing services have been closed down. The Mannequin 733 Guardsman’s practically 30-year run got here to an finish together with the corporate itself. However the revolver left behind a legacy as an innovator that introduced unusual options to the budget-priced handgun market. The Guardsman’s presence in movies and collections retains its reminiscence alive as a traditional of American firearms ingenuity.

733 Guardsman

In closing, I hope our Curious Relics section knowledgeable in addition to entertained. This all was written in hopes of continued firearm appreciation and preservation. We didn’t simply notice how weapons have been purported to look and performance. It was an extended and tedious course of that has formed the world we stay in. So, I put it to you! Is there a firearm on the market that you just really feel doesn’t get a lot notoriety?  What ought to our subsequent Curious Relics subject cowl? As at all times, tell us your entire ideas within the Feedback under! We at all times respect your suggestions.

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