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Pig on a boda – Diary of a Muzungu


There’s nothing like waking in your personal mattress besides that I raise my head off the pillow and felt violently sick. The feeling carries on all through the day. Trying up makes me really feel woozy and I nearly fall over, greater than as soon as. I blame the potholed street for upsetting my sense of steadiness.

I slept early. The drive from Kampala took its toll on me this week. Giant sections of the street to Fort Portal are being repaired and we drove within the warmth of the day. The journey passes rapidly in case you chat however my pal’s ideas have been elsewhere.

The journey’s spotlight was the sundown boda boda trip by means of Kiko tea plantation earlier than Fort Portal. It’s one other world in there: the lurid brilliant inexperienced of the tea bushes contrasts with the winding dusty roads, (we took multiple fallacious turning) however the lower by means of Kiko received us by means of Kibale Forest earlier than darkness fell. Baboons have been nonetheless at their vigil on both aspect of the street. Forest raindrops caught us as we sloped down the steep slippery observe in the direction of my residence at Sunbird Hill.

tea plantation. Kibale Uganda. Diary of a Muzungu blog
tea plantation between Kibale Forest and Fort Portal Uganda. PHOTO Diary of a Muzungu weblog

Ready for my boda on the Kiko turn-off, I watched three cows amble in the direction of the busy major street. A younger man threw a stone at one. It turned within the different course. He picked up a department and ran in the direction of them. It was a comical sight to observe him sprinting after the cows, his white gumboots flashing as he lifted one leg after the opposite! After hundred metres, the cows now safely away from the principle street, he turned to stroll again to the laughing boda drivers.

A 3rd boda boda pulled up with three people on it, one in all them being a tightly trussed-up pig! My coronary heart went out to this poor little piggy but I admired the deft method the animal was hooked up to the boda. (It’s wonderful what you are able to do with a little bit of string in case you put your thoughts to it!)

Pig on a boda. PHOTO by me Charlotte Beauvoisin

I had not needed to journey removed from my residence on the sting of Kibale Forest, however work commitments beckoned. I felt I put life on maintain by leaving so quickly… and the way lengthy am I again right here for this time?

Again residence, as the children unpacked sacks of beans and posho from the automobile, Hope stated “Auntie Charlotte, I’ve a shock for you” as she handed me a refrigerated plastic container. I eliminated the lid, intrigued. Was it edible?


“I assume it’s useless… ?”

The Rhinoceros Viper is a wonderful however venomous beast. I’m undecided how this specimen has been donated to our assortment nevertheless it’s superbly preserved and can make fascinating conversations for guests and guides at Sunbird Hill.

At any time when we discover reptilian roadkill, we slam on the brakes and choose up the stays. Our freezer is filled with snakes (and beetles)!

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