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Watch: Florida Deputy Leaps into Runaway Boat


A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Workplace patrol boat intercepted an out-of-control, unmanned twin-engine fishing boat dashing throughout Tampa Bay on July 30. Physique digicam footage from that day reveals Deputy Travis Fernandes pulling off a stunt straight out of Mission Unattainable. Whereas his accomplice runs alongside the runaway boat and speeds throughout the bay at full throttle, Fernandes leaps into the unmanned boat and saves the day.

The solo proprietor reportedly fell off his vessel whereas it was working at 41 mph. He was rescued from the water, however the boat continued racing dangerously throughout the bay with out a single occupant on board to steer or throttle again.

Deputies Travis Fernandes and Jill Fixed responded to the scene in a sheriff’s patrol boat. The video, filmed on Fernandes’ physique digicam, reveals how the boat was dashing in a slight but secure flip. Fixed maneuvers her patrol boat near the runaway, skillfully monitoring the fishing boat’s velocity together with her patrol boat and shutting the gap on it.

At first the patrol boat pitches within the runaway boat’s wake, and Fernandes could be heard telling Fixed he’s not afraid to get moist as ocean spray blasts the 2 of them. Then Fixed eases the patrol boat into the curve of the runaway boat’s flip and the 2 boats finally come collectively. Fernandes takes his probability and leaps throughout the small hole into the fishing boat. He instantly throttles down the engines and features management of the vessel.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Workplace posted the video on their Fb web page, and appropriately dubbed Van Halen’s famed track “Soar” over the footage. They line up the lyrics completely in order that Fernandes will get airborne proper as Eddie Van Halen barks “JUMP!”

Different responders have been concerned within the incident, however PCSO headlined the day.

“The motive force had fallen off and was rescued by a Good Samaritan,” the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Workplace defined of their publish. “The Coast Guard tried to deploy prop-fowling units to cease the vessel, however they have been unsuccessful. Deputy Fixed intercepted the runaway vessel by matching its velocity (about 41 mph), permitting Fernandes to leap aboard and take management of the vessel…And sure Deputy Fernandes does his personal stunts.”

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The Sheriff’s Workplace additionally introduced up the significance of utilizing a kill swap lanyard when boating. That is now required by federal legislation, and it will have prevented the boat from working away within the first place.

“For those who don’t need this to occur to you, all the time join your kill swap lanyard.”


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